Five ways to maintain a full set of eyelash extensions

So you’ve gone for it and now you have a beautiful set of full and fluttering eyelashes. Well done you! SVS lashes can last up to a whole month before you need to book in for an infill appointment.

Here are my best tips to keeping your lashes happy and healthy, therefore extending the time needed before you need your next appointment:

1.Mascara is a no-no! 

Even though your new lashes look much fuller than your natural lashes it can be tempting to give them some extra oomph for a party or special occasion by using mascara on them. This is a big no-no! When it comes to removing the mascara at the end of the night it will damage your lash extensions with all the pulling and rubbing to wipe the mascara off. This can cause your lash extensions to fall out prematurely. Its also best avoid liquid eyeliner for the same reason. Just enjoy the fact that your new lashes means no need to apply extra make up!

2. You aren’t waterproof!

To make sure you get the most from your lashes its recommended that you avoid getting them too wet in the first 48 hours after application. Once you’ve passed the first crucial 48 hours be mindful about how much water your lashes have to cope with, particularly in the shower. Avoid a direct stream of water on them and try not to rub your face dry afterwards- rather pat dry gently with a towel.

3. Keep the oil at bay

Although oil based skin products are great for glowing skin and leave you looking fresh faced, they are not so good for your lovely new lashes. The oil can get in and start to break down the bonds that are keeping your lashes nice and tightly pressed to your eyelids. Oil based products on your face will make your lashes looser and more likely to fall out! Take care with the products you use around the eye area particularly and avoid oil based products where possible.

4. Night, night – sleep tight!

Make sure your bed id fit for a princess! Seriously! Plump up those pillows all around you and try not to face plant them during the night! This keeps your lashes safe and prevents them from being crushed! Ideally no sleeping on your front to minimise lash disturbance.

5. Book your infills

Finally- if you stick to the these tips you should find your lashes last up to a month before needing infills. it’s always best to book your infill appointments in advance and make sure you stick to them. These regular maintenance sessions help keep your own lashes healthy as well as retaining the lash volume you want!

Stick to the tips and every day can be a good mood, good lash day!

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