Cosmetic teeth whitening

Want pearly whites? A simple pain free hourly treatment  that consists of two applications of brightening gel applied to your teeth whilst you relax under a laser lamp. Non harmful, totally safe with guaranteed results!

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Permanent hair removal

Laser treatments are ideal for permanent hair reduction, skin rejuvenation and the removal of thread veins.

If you would like the convenience and comfort of being hair free then IPL hair removal is recommended. Treatments are painless, permanent and affordable. Suitable for arms, legs, face and neck as well other areas of the body.

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Beautiful lashes

Want to know the secret to beautiful lashes? Enhance your eyes with individual lash extensions, creating the appearance of fuller, thicker looking lashes with added volume that can last up to 8 weeks.

So much more than just regular beauty treatments...

With over twenty five years in the beauty industry, Shelley invites you to step inside the beauty rooms and relax.

Here at Beauty by Shelley we offer a huge choice of traditional beauty treatments including eye and nail treatments as well as body waxing treatments and cosmetic teeth whitening.

Unique to Beauty by Shelley we also offer laser treatments for painless and affordable hair removal and skin rejuvenation to reduce the signs of ageing as well as tattoo reduction and removal.

Open five days a week Beauty by Shelley prides itself on high quality friendly discreet treatments at reasonable prices.

Both regular clients and one -off appointments welcome. Step inside Sophisticuts hair salon and make your way down to Shelley's cosy treatment rooms. Shelley is always on hand for any advice and consultations ahead of booking a treatment.

Why not start your beauty journey today?

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